About Us


Hi beautiful Ladies!

My name is Jessica and I am the founder/owner of Blossom Clothing Vibe.

Blossom Clothing Vibe all come about due to the passion I have in Retail & my outstanding background with Customer Service. I started in retail as a part time sales assistant during my school years in a busy sporting store back in New Zealand; as my experience grew I become higher up the ladder from Full Time then to Store Manager here in Melbourne at an outlet sporting store.

I've taken a break for awhile to raise a family; I now have 2 beautiful girls who also have a strong fashion taste- one of which use to model clothing overseas when we went on a working holiday to follow my Husbands Career!

I now want to continue my passion for fashion- and take the next leap forward! Opening my own online store- helping women alike with the latest fashion trends.

We are only at the very beginning of our journey; and look forward to the many paths we follow together as we grow. 

xx Jess xx